Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger were on Gibson’s Instagram account in an IGTV video called ‘My First Gibson’ and talked about their first Gibson guitars. Lzzy Hale talked about hers and mentioned that she had to work as a waitress to afford it.

As you may know, Hale became Gibson’s first female ambassador in July, and she shared a post stating how happy she is to be representing her genre. She also expressed the honor and gratitude she felt to be welcomed in the Gibson Family. She showed that the Gibson brand is an important part of her career, and therefore, it is not shocking to hear that the rockstar’s first Gibson Guitar experience was also a memorable one.

Gibson shared a video on their IGTV and asked Hale and Hottinger what their first Gibson Guitar was. Hale revealed it was ’91 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Custom and went on to say that her first Gibson is still her favorite one because she had to work hard at something she was terrible at.

Here is what she said about her first Gibson Guitar:

“My first Gibson was and still is a ’91 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Custom. I had to work very hard at a bar called ‘The Waterway’ as not the greatest waitress in the world. I was terrible. Not a good backup plan. I’m going to stick to singing. It’s an amazing guitar. I actually broke the neck on it twice and had it fixed twice, and it sounds better than ever.”

Hale had recently shared a sneak peek of their new single ‘Back From the Dead’ on her Instagram account to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the band’s first show. Gibson also promoted Halestorm’s new single in the caption of the IGTV. ‘Back From the Dead’ will be released on August 18, 2021, and it can be pre-ordered on their official website now.