Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale spoke in an interview with Entertainment Weekly,  and revealed why she respects metal bands. She also explained how she stayed away from pop music as a songwriter.

Interviewer asked:

“Previously Halestorm was nominated in the metal category and now you’re in rock. When it comes to labels of genres, do you feel comfortable with being slotted into different categories?”

Lzzy responded:

“It’s so difficult I think for everyone to figure out where you belong. We listen to a lot of different things, but our roots are based in rock. We’re a rock band. We’re friends with all the metal guys and a lot of those bands have taken us under their wing. But [with] the first [nomination], you’re surrounded by these metal [groups] that do influence you but you’re not a metal band. So this time it’s nice to have a more even playing field.

A great thing that came out of being in the hard rock/metal category is that there were a lot of young girls that kind of freaked out in a good way. As in, “Wow, that’s possible that a girl can win a Grammy under that category.”

So just in our world, there were waves that we saw just from fans [saying], “When I saw you win, that meant that I wasn’t crazy for loving this heavy music and I wasn’t crazy for trying to pursue this. It’s possible.”

On how she stayed away from pop music, she said:

“There’s always an element of truth to what I write, because that’s why I write. It’s not a career choice. But on our earlier records I would take that truth and I would refine it to the point where it became pop music.

On this record the biggest difference that I made lyrically was keeping that kind of diamond in the rough in its raw stage. So even with songs like, “Do Not Disturb,” which are fun and it’s meant to be that way — that’s a true story and I’m just kind of depicting exactly what went down — it was a moment of, excuse my French, “F–k it. I’m just doing this anyway.” Regardless of how people are going to feel, I’m writing this record for me.”

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