Halestorm’s beautiful and talented frontwoman Lzzy Hale had a quick question & answer session on her verified social media and answered her fans’ highly-anticipated questions.

As you might already know that violent storms and tornadoes on the United States have shifted to East Coast after leaving 30 dead behind it. Some of the fans of Lzzy asked the frontman if she or her family was harmed because of it.

A user named Laura asked:

“You guys alright after that wicked storm that blew through here? #AskLzzyAnything

Lzzy Hale responded:

Yea we are ok. Thanks for asking.”

Lauren was relieved after the response of Lzzy:

“That’s good! We lost power for nearly 5 hours.”

Another Twitter user named Sophie asked this:

“Your face is always glowing! Do you have any tips or a routine you follow?? I wear makeup one day and my skin hates me for a week after.

I remember I had a lovely conversation with you about my Psoriasis struggles before ❤ @LZZYHALE #AskLzzyAnything”

Lzzy Hale responded:

“Aw you are sweet. I try to stay away from face make up as often as I can. I’m not a fan of foundation at all. Instead of moisturizer I use a combination of oils I put together, and I exfoliate with a diamond buff on occasion.”

Check out the tweets below.