Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and explained what she feels about Greta Van Fleet.

Interviewer asked “Are you a fan of Greta Van Fleet” and Lzzy responded:

“I am, because I was that age once. I started this band when I was a kid too. I know people dog on them about how they sound similar to Zeppelin, but at the same time, when we first started putting our stuff into the world, didn’t we wear our influences on our sleeves?

I’ll take it, because Led Zeppelin is awesome and I think a lot of kids should be reintroduced to this. Just by being up there and playing instruments — they plug in, play and actually sing — it’s a great thing for kids to see.”

Interviewer asked:

“You sing about having a threesome on “Do Not Disturb.” Did you get any blowback for that?”

Lzzy Hale responded:

“Maybe it’s the timing, maybe it’s the political climate, the year we’ve had, but everybody took it in the spirit it was intended. And it’s been that way this entire record. If [I’m] talking about sexual empowerment, instead of getting letters like, “My daughter admires you and I can’t believe you’re talking about sex,” they are the complete opposite. It proves my point that it’s easier to be yourself.”

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