The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale spoke to ‘Marshall Amplification’ during a recent podcast on Youtube. She talked about the difficulties of being a shy person and revealed why she wanted to be confident in front of people.

Lzzy also revealed why she felt distraught after losing her first lead guitarist when she was 15. Here’s what she said:

“Sorry, this is fast-forwarded: we started the band, I was 13, I picked up the guitar in between 15 and 16. So I was, like, 15, I was about to turn 16, I was distraught, I had just lost my first guitar player and I was, like, ‘We’re never gonna find another guitar player.’

I wanted to learn anyway, so now is a good time to learn, so I started and literally the first thing I played – and I ended up playing by ear for a long time because, you know, I was a keyboard player, and then a friend of mine showed me drop D and that changed my world.”

She continued:

So, early on, I was just kind of barring everything, but I think the first thing I learned was ‘Heaven and Hell’ by Black Sabbath. And my dad hooked up, he got me a distortion pedal and I hooked up the guitar through the keyboard amp, because I had, like, a Fender Rhodes at the time.

You know, those almost, like, plush amps, like they got padding on the outside, and so it sounded terrible.”

You can watch the full podcast below.

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