The co-founder and frontwoman of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale has reposted the sad story about a little kid, who has been oppressed in school because of gender-based bias, and reacted with a clear message.

Has been highly sensitive and expressive, the beautiful musician Lzzy Hale couldn’t remain silent about the story a man shared, talking about his cousin’s little son. In the post, it was said that the 10 years old kid, whose name is Ryker, really loves cats and got a colorful lunchbox with the cat prints on it.

Unfortunately, Ryker was teased in his school because of his new lunchbox by his classmates who told him the boys don’t use suchlike colorful and cute items. So discouraged that Ryker even stopped taking his lunch, it was stated.

The man, who tells the story and relative of the little kid, put his picture with the same colorful lunchbox and said that he has begun to take his lunch to his workplace like that. Took a praiseworthy step, the man ended up his statement by mentioning that self-expression is never something to be ashamed of.

Hale, sharing this great and admirable story, pointed out the ongoing bias derived from the gender roles. In addition to her repost in the Instagram Stories, Lzzy has shared a post in her feed, in which she expressed her honest opinions and anger.

Hale said although things seem very murky right now, there is always some fundamental truths that we acknowledge in the end. She said that love, logic, unity, and hope always wins while targetting the people who act the otherwise by warning to be a decent fucking human being.

You can see the story Hale shared and her latest Instagram post below.

Photo Credits: Lzzy Hale – Instagram Stories