Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale appeared as a guest on the WDHA FM radio station and talked about the increasing visibility of women in the rock scene. The frontwoman stated that seeing more women in rock is what actually people want.

As you know, the rock music scene has always been a male-dominated area and female stars are sort of underrepresented in the rock music industry although it created a great number of influential male rockers through the decades. Women mostly face many challenges that they need to come through to be accepted on the same terms as their male counterparts.

Rock culture is not dominated by just male artists, but also by male instrumentalists, songwriters, and producers. Although women rockers are not appreciated much as men, women have certainly had a substantial role in the progression of rock and deserve a lot more respect. As a notable female rocker, Lzzy Hale has always spoken openly about this issue.

During the interview, she stated that she is really happy to see more women in the rock industry day after day. She realizes that there is a proliferation of not just female musicians but also women technical crew. For Hale, the promoters have also noticed this situation. They now know that the rock audience wants to see more female artists so they act accordingly. Lzzy Hale defended that rock music is genderless and women are interested in it just because they want to.

Lzzy Hale’s words on the place of women in rock music in recent years:

“It’s just so beautiful to see so many women that are in this industry and not just women musicians, I’m seeing more female tour managers, lighting directors, sound engineers, producers. There’s been such an influx and it’s such a wonderful time to be alive as a woman because everybody wants that and now to take that one step further and this is just from my personal experience, we have gotten since we started doing like a lot of women showcasing.

All of the promoters, that is what they want now because now they’re figuring out like ‘Oh, wait, this is where the audience is. This is what people actually want.’ The other thing, I work with Gibson guitars, and their stats have been amazing. Apparently, the last two years, the majority of the people that are buying new guitars are female so it’s just wonderful to see the encouragement and see everybody just understanding that this, especially in rock music, this genre that we love so much, is completely genderless.

This is something that we just love, this is why we’re here, we want to get up here, we want to rock. We’re not doing it because our boyfriend wants to or we’re not doing it because whatever, we’re gonna pretty up the band. It’s just part of our soul and I’m seeing that just in the audience, and I’m seeing that on stage.”

You can watch the full interview below.