Photo: Youtube

In a recent question and answer session on Twitter, Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has shared some informations about her band and personal life.

She wrote on Twitter:

“It’s been a bit since my Twitter #AskLzzyAnything sessions. Anyone game? Anything goes! I’ll be online for a bit and I’ll answer as many as I can!

Be sure to Tag #AskLzzyAnything for easy searching…and be sure to drink your Ovaltine xo”

A fan named Junior Perez asked:

“Is do not disturb about anything in particular 😉#AskLzzyAnything”

Lzzy responded:

“Yes. It’s about a threesome I had.

A Halestorm fan account asked:

“Scariest fan experience? #AskLzzyAnything”

Lzzy replied:

“I’ve gotten death threats, both from a distance and up close. #AskLzzyAnything”

A fan named Jenifer Goodson wrote:

“What other music genres do you listen to?”

Lzzy said:

“I truly listen to everything! Obsessed with Ministry and Poppy right now.”

Another fan asked:

“What is your favorite guitar that we haven’t seen?”

Lzzy replied:

“My new gold explorer baritone”

A fan named Nicole asked:

“What goes through your mind as you’re writing a song?”

Lzzy wrote:

“It’s like obsessively finishing a puzzle …”

You can see the tweets below.