Halestorm’s iconic frontwoman Lzzy Hale posted some following tweets about the heavy metal band Alestorm and revealed that she would actually love to perform with them on a tour.

As you might remember, a few days ago, Lzzy Hale took her Twitter account for another series of her well-known ‘Ask Lzzy Anything‘ hashtag. During her interactive Q&A session, Hale responded to the fans’ questions about her music as well as her personal life.

The talented vocalist responded to a wide range of questions of her fans, however, one of her answers stood out among the others and created a sort of misunderstanding. A fan wanted to know Lzzy’s ‘stance on pirate music‘ by asking:

“The real question is… What’s your stance on pirate music… Not stolen music… Pirates, who play music? Important stuff.”

As a response to the question, Hale asked her fan whether he had ever heard of Alestorm which is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Unfortunately, the dialogue between Lzzy and her fan was misinterpreted and considered as an issue of stolen music. However, she was simply showing her admiration for Alestorm‘s music.

Recently on Twitter, Lzzy Hale responded to a fan’s comment on the misunderstanding and mentioned how much she adored Alestorm. Hale also wrote another tweet about the band and revealed that she would love to tour with Alestorm in the future.

Here’s Lzzy Hale’s tweet about one of her favorite bands:

“I absolutely adore Alestorm.”

Lzzy also added:

I want to tour with Alestorm.”

You can see the tweets posted by Lzzy Hale on her Twitter account below.