In an interview for ‘Alternative Press’, Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale talked about how busy she had been during the self-quarantine days which prevented her to go insane.

As a result of the global pandemic of coronavirus, many events, concerts, and festivals were either postponed or canceled. Therefore, many musicians had to be separated from their fans for a long time and find ways to stay connected with them via social media platforms.

During these challenging days of the music industry, Halestorm‘s talented vocalist Lzzy Hale and guitarist Joe Hottinger started an initiative named ‘Roadie Strong,’ which aimed to provide essential financial assistance to live entertainment crews.

Recently, Lzzy and Joe joined an interview for Alternative Press and talked about how they had been spending their days during the lockdown. Lzzy mentioned how busy she had been these days with creating new content for her fans on social media. She also stated that being busy with all this stuff helped her not going insane since she wouldn’t be able to go on tours for quite a while.

Here’s what Lzzy Hale stated during the conversation about how her routine changed after the Covid-19 pandemic:

This is probably the longest that we’ve actually been home in days or months in a row in probably over 15 years. We’ve never spent this kind of time in one spot.

We’ve been road dogs forever, so the hustle doesn’t really stop. I think without that schedule, we’d lose our minds a little bit. It is crazy because I think we’ve been busier since quarantine than we would have been if everything had stayed normal.”

Furthermore, Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger added:

“We were going to spend this time writing a record anyway, which we’re doing now. But that first two-and-a-half months was just intense, and we realized we weren’t getting much done. It was like every day we were doing stuff, and we had to tell our manager, ‘Hey, can we just take a break for a second and work on some music?'”

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