Halestorm vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale responded to a fan’s post via her official Twitter account and showed how high maintenance person she is.

As you can read the conversation below, Lzzy stated that she only goes with ‘Wears High Heel’ and ‘Owns 20+ Pairs of Shoes’ options and earned only 10 points from that list. In this way, she flaunted her natural beauty.

A fan named Stephanie to Lzzy Hale:

“Lzzy I saw this on FB, read the first two and thought of you like ‘uh oh.’ But as I went down the list I was like ‘Okay you’re definitely nowhere near that bad.'”

Lzzy Hale replied:

“The only two that apply to me are One and Two.”

Stephanie wrote:

Exactly. My hair is dyed (usually, I need to redo it at some point) but that’s about it.

Although I have been wearing makeup more often lately to make the face mask look less stupid.”

You can read the conversation below.