Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale talked about her acting career plans during the conversation with Consequence she joined recently.

In the next few days, Halestorm has been preparing to release their upcoming album named ‘Back From The Dead.‘ The band had already released two singles, ‘Back From The Dead’ and ‘The Steeple.’

Lzzy Hale announced significant names like Stone Temple Pilots, Wolf Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH, and The Pretty Reckless will hit the road with them on tour promoting the new album.

Hale has become an inspiration in the rock scene, especially for the woman with her successful career. The rocker mentioned her passion for the music she creates to almost every interviewer. She stated in a previous interview that women in this industry should go after what they love.

Besides her passion for rock music, Hale has also talked about her enthusiasm for acting in a recent conversation. Lzzy Hale explained that she did not receive a role in a movie, but she is acting in commercials as she is doing with Gibson.

The rocker stated that she likes being different from her stage persona while acting by getting out of her comfort zone. According to her, music videos have given her this chance without being obliged to the whole Hollywood acting. Hale also mentioned that she would try acting in the future.

When asked about her plans for an acting career, Lzzy Hale explained:

“I’ve been dabbling. I haven’t gotten any roles for specific movie things yet. But I’m doing a lot of different things that involve having the ability to act. I’m doing some things with my Gibson people, little commercial things. I’ve also taken a stab over the past couple of years at being the interviewer versus the interviewee and also the host of a couple of different shows.

So it’s kind of interesting to just kind of step outside of what you are on stage, obviously, use those tools that you’ve learned how to be in front of people and how to put on certain different things. That’s part of the reason why I love music videos because you kind of get to do those roles without actually having to do a whole Hollywood thing.

I mean, if the right thing came along, I would absolutely say yes, and regardless of whether it would be good or whether I would succeed or whether I would fail, I think that’s definitely something in my future.”

The frontwoman also added that she has learned how to get out of her comfort zone in Halestorm. According to Hale, it’s nice to experience something new by yourself.

Hale continued in the same conversation:

“One thing that I’ve learned from being in this band is that you do have the ability to step outside of your comfort zone and then make it to the other side. It’s good to do that with yourself.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.