Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale - Instagram

After announcing the exciting collaboration with Slipknot’s legendary frontman Corey Taylor for the ‘Raise Your Horns’ project, Halestorm star Lzzy Hale posted a bunch of new photos on her Instagram Stories to celebrate the event.

As you may check out the latest photo of Lzzy below, she looks beautiful as always wearing her iconic glasses and showing off small cleavage to his camera.

Let’s check out what she wrote about the collaboration first:

“Next week on #RaiseYourHorns thanks to WAH Music. I have my good bud Corey Taylor as my special guest! I have no clue what is gonna happen… Because the man is a human tornado…

But I know it’s gonna be epic! You don’t wanna miss this!”

A user named Matthew Ryan commented on the post:

“This will be a barrel of laughs for sure. Loved you checked out the recent The Bubbly Bunch video he was in.”

Another user named Mat Francis wrote this:

“That actually sounds like an accurate description of Corey! 🤣 Two of my favorite singers of all time in one place again? I’ll try and catch it. 🤘”

You can check out the recently shared photos of Lzzy below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram Stories