Some rockers are share their thoughts about the election. Lzzy Hale explain herself ideas to Reno’s Rock host Kronik. Frontwoman does not like to talk politics. But many people interest her opinion. Lzzy says:

“I’m an advocate for people. I love the human element, and we all share that. I’m into equality and I’m a people person. In all honesty, the problem that we have right now is that politics breeds hate and division; it just does that. So I can’t, as a human, as a girl that has lived her life to kind of promote that type of positivity and that equality, I can’t vote for anybody that even has an inkling of being that … just building their empire on that type of division and hate and inequality. I can’t out of good conscience do that.”

You can listen whole interview below. Halestorm have North American concerts right now. Also, they will play New Year’s Eve show in New Zealand.