The co-founder and also the rhythm guitarist of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale, has shared a new post on her most active social media account, Twitter, and made yet another ‘Ask Lzzy Anything’ session to answer her fans’ questions.

As you might already follow-up on the music industry, revealing sexual orientation is not a common thing. However, Lzzy Hale is not one of these stars and she confirms that she’s bisexual. Even though many stars are not okay with being called sexy, she did not even react to take part on the list of Revolver’s ‘25 Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock and Metal.’

After confirming her bisexuality, back in 2017, a fan asked if she’s pansexual or not. Lzzy said ‘I am bisexual officially but I’m also pansexual’ because she believes we love who we love. Now today in a question and answer session, a fan named Ella wanted to go deeper and asked Lzzy’s preferences while having sex with a lady.

Halestorm icon Lzzy Hale did not hesitate to stay honest once again and stated that she’s a good host and does whatever her partner wants, whether it’s submission or dominance.

A user named Ella Anarchy asked:

“Dom or sub with the ladies?”

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale responded:

“I’m a good host… So whatever the lady prefers.”

You can check out the tweets right below.