The beautiful frontwoman of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale, was recently interviewed by Zippo Encore’s ‘Dudes Talking Shit In A Truck’ this week. Lzzy announced that she decided to open war against mental health insensitivity.

Lzzy Hale also shared her touching story with the mental issues which are related to her bandmate and brother, Arejay Hale.

Here is what Lzzy told Zippo Encore host Jose Mangin:

“My brother and I both have been touched in many ways by mental illness. It runs through our family. And we’ve lost many friends — not just the rock stars, but many friends — to that. It’s amazing how it doesn’t matter, your walk of life, and it doesn’t matter what…

You can seem perfectly happy, but everyone’s battling [something internally]. And what I see mostly, especially in our community — we have such an amazing fanbase; everybody lifts each other up.

So we kind of sit back. But it’s great to remind everybody of that. Even people like me and everybody that you’re talking to, we’re all the same — we’re all going through the same things.”

You can watch the whole interview right below.

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