Saspent is one of the most prospering metal bands of Turkey that was founded in Ankara in 2010. The band started their music lives by performing some of the professional bands’ music then in 2012, they continued to work on their own music. From that year, they have performed their music in several festivals and concerts.

At the very beginning of the year of 2016, the band started to record and at the end of the same year, they completed recording their first album which consists of 9 tracks and is named “Constant Times”. Saspent who finished their recording sessions, shot their first music video for the song named “I’ll Bring Your Toy Back” from the same album after a while.

The album has been released by 3 Adım Music and Netd Music, particularly on Apple Music, Spotify and almost 200 digital platforms on October, 9. On the same day their first music video “I’ll Bring Your Toy Back” has been released by Netd Music on Youtube.

Band Members:

Oğulcan Çelik – Vocals
Tamer Pekalp – Guitars
Çağtay Kubilay Güraras – Drums
Ege Şarlak – Bass Guitars

The Album:

Constant Times is the first studio album of Saspent, recorded at Retro Studios, mixed, mastered and engineered by Barış Yetkin in Ankara, Turkey. The album represents the confliction between utopia and dystopia. The concept of time is unchanged and represents continuity as well as recurrency of events in the history of humanity.

The events are opposeless and unhindered that is why humans live in an already conceptualized world. The album is the narrator of the events that happen around the world. The girl in the white dress on the album cover is the observer of the events that have been caused by villains.

Illustration: Cihan Engin

Constant Times track list:

1. 13/12
2. The Tragedy
3. And the Door Opens
4. The Standing Man
5. Fall of Your Reign
6. I’ll Bring Your Toy Back
7. Don’t Fuck Me Up
8. Shapeless Pray
9. Surface of the Ocean

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