Paramore lead vocalist Hayley Williams posted a couple of new tweets about the LGBTQIA+ rights today and responded to the harsh criticism that she’s supporting this kind of stuff to take the attention to her and her band.

As you may already know, Paramore hasn’t released a new album after their fifth studio album ‘After Laughter’ in 2017. While the album features twelve songs that were all written by Taylor York and Hayley herself, the band keeps their silence since then.

In 2020, Paramore frontwoman stated that they are working on a new album that will have a more guitar-driven sound and fans are eagerly waiting for it for a year.

Today, Williams took her verified Twitter account and reminded the Anti-Street Harassment week and took her followers’ attention to equality in all classes. However, one of her followers accused her of promoting herself and the band with these kinds of messages.

Here is what Hayley wrote first:

“It’s Anti-Street Harassment week. Street harassment is experienced by more than 85% of females, starting at young as 8. It disproportionately affects LGBTQIA+ community as well as ppl with disabilities but is presented in all classes and geographies. It affects women globally.”

She continued with another tweet:

“Like most social injustice, it limits access and forces victims to think every day about what they will wear, what route they travel, where they live and work, etc… Street harassment is a gateway to stalking and assault.”

A follower of Hayley responded:

“Sometimes I think that you support this kind of thing because after all it is a market that you can attract to your band and everything you sell. All of you behave like sectarians, the truth is that even if I am a fan of her or Paramore I do not have to agree on everything with her and her way of thinking.

And to those who insult me: is that the respect that the great Hayley has taught you? Haha, go more sensitive people.”

Paramore frontwoman responded back:

“What if i’m actually hoping to LOSE fans? Such as the sexist/racist/homophobic/etc fans… Sadly, a large demographic. I probably stand to lose more than I gain by supporting ‘this kind of thing’ but go off.”

You can check out these tweets right below.