In a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Paramore’s Hayley Williams talked about her latest surprise album ‘Flowers for Vases / Descansos‘ and described how it felt creating the whole album by herself.

Hayley Williams is without a doubt one of the most talented and famous rockstars of the 21st century. She released her highly anticipated debut solo album ‘Petals for Armor‘ back in May 2020. The album was highly appreciated by fans who were also a little bit shocked to see their favorite rockstar shift to indie and experimental pop.

Soon after the release of her first solo album, Hayley Williams won the ‘Best Alternative’ MTV EMA award. Although fans were not expecting a new album in the recent future, Williams surprised her devoted fans by releasing her second album ‘Flowers for Vases / Descanos‘ at midnight on February 5.

As you may recall, approximately a week ago, ‘My Limb‘ from Williams’ new album was leaked after she sent it to a fan in Nashville, who asked for her permission to upload it on YouTube. Although fans thought that that was it, Hayley Williams decided to release the whole album soon after that.

In a recent interview with Zana Lowe, Williams opened up about the emotional process of creating this album and said that she’s proud of herself as ‘this album is what I have to show for surviving a year that was tough for everyone.’ She went on to say that she also feels proud to have played all the instruments on the album which makes it completely her work.

Here’s what Hayley Williams said during her recent interview:

“I’m really, really proud that I played everything on it. And I’m also really, really proud that this album is what I have to show for surviving a year that was tough for everyone. I mean, I feel like I got better at guitar, which was cool. I haven’t had this much time to play guitar since I was a teenager before we started touring, and that was also just really therapeutic.

I’m not a super-confident [guitar] player, I never have been. I tend to be kind of timid, and that has always been true, it still is true. Thank god I recorded most of these guitars direct, so there was just no room for loss there with tone!”

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