The founder and frontwoman of Paramore, Hayley Williams complimented on one of her best friends Taylor Swift‘s latest album, ‘Evermore,’ by saying it’s the coolest record she has ever made and Swift has immediately reacted with a heartwarming message.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, has recently shocked her fans with a surprising new album, ‘Evermore,’ which was released through Republic Records on December 11, 2020, only five months after her eighth studio album, ‘Folklore.’

Defined as a ‘sister record‘ to its predecessor, ‘Evermore’ was announced on social media hours before release, much the same with ‘Folklore.’ As soon as the new album became available on streaming services, it stole the listeners’ hearts with its unique sound and a fresh set of storytelling narratives.

A dear friend of Swift, who also starred in the official music video of ‘Bad Blood’ along with a famous girl gang, Hayley Williams has taken Twitter to praise Taylor’s incredible songs and her career, which speaks for itself.

Williams claimed that Swift’s brand new record is the coolest album she has ever made by now. Along with a big part of Hayley’s followers, Taylor Swift appeared in the comments to express her feelings to her friend candidly.

Swift admitted that Hayley’s message made her heart race and double in size, and turn into a confetti cloud of petals. While calling Williams an incredible woman, Taylor said it was so nice to read her words.

Here’s what Hayley Williams said in her recent tweet:

“She’s got so many incredible songs and her career speaks for itself but I am pretty sure ‘Evermore’ is the fuckin coolest album Taylor’s ever made.”

Taylor Swift responded as:

“This made my heart race/double in size/turn into a confetti cloud of petals, thank you so much. You’re incredible. And this was so nice to read. 🥺🥰”

You can see the tweets below.