Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson talked about the first time she met Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page during a recent appearance on 95.5 KLOS.

In the conversation, Nancy recalled the time when they got invited to Kennedy Center Honors to honor Led Zeppelin and said that she was trying to warm his hands because the weather was so cold when they first land the DC.

After she gathered his focus on the stage, they started to play the iconic song, Stairway To Heaven. However, the band couldn’t see how the audience and Led Zeppelin members reacted when they were performing.

Nancy said that Jimmy Page come over after the show and told her that she played great in the show. After getting such good words from her hero, Nancy felt like she could die immediately.

Here is what Nancy Wilson said:

“Flash forward to the Kennedy Center Honors, when we’ve been asked to honor Zeppelin – of course, it was a surprise, and it was like, ‘OK…’

We were on the road, but we had to get a private jet over to DC and with one only rehearsal, and the next day was the show, so it was a little nerve-wracking.

And it was so cold in DC before Christmas, my hands were really cold, I was trying to keep them warm in any way I knew how in order to be able to play the beginning of ‘Stairway’ all by myself in front of all these dignitaries plus Zeppelin – no less, the President, the first lady, all of it.

Anyway, it was like one of those zen exercises where you go ‘I’m going to focus,’ and so I focused and started.”

She continued:

“We didn’t even see how they reacted until after it was cut together later when we saw it at our home, and I know for a fact that they did get emotional, it was really beautiful how they reacted.

And then afterward each one of those guys came up to us at sort of our dinner table – kind of like a governor’s ball-type situation afterward – they each came up and they just said, ‘Way to go, that was great!’

Jimmy Page telling me, ‘You played that great,’ I was like, ‘Oh, I could die now.’ He’s my hero, my muse, and that would be like Joni Mitchell or a few different ones, but him in particular I guess.”

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