Nancy Wilson, the guitarist and backing vocalist of Heart who is also known to have a huge admiration for Led Zeppelin, listed her favorite songs in an interview for ‘Classic Rock and stated that ‘The Rain Song’ saved her life.

Wilson revealed in May that Jimmy Page the founder and the guitarist of Led Zeppelin praised her after she played ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with her band Heart. She continued to state that she ‘nearly died’ when she was appreciated by him.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Wilson revealed her 8 favorite songs that ‘changed her life.’ Such great names as Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Elton John were present in the list. She explained how each of them influenced her life, but for Led Zeppelin, she revealed that ‘The Rain Song’ actually saved her life.

Wilson talked about the song resembling it to the ‘most beautiful’ poetry in the world. Wilson used such words as ‘sophisticated’ to describe the song’s role in rock and roll. She continued to state that the song is balanced so perfectly and that it is unique to Led Zeppelin.

Here is what she fully said for ‘The Rain Song’ in the interview:

“This is one of the most melodically sophisticated songs in the history of rock ‘n’ roll and also one of the most beautiful pieces of written poetry ever.

It’s such an insightful meditation on life through the seasons, and it balances poetry and rock ‘n’ roll perfectly in a way that no one but Led Zeppelin has ever been able to do.

Zeppelin was one of the bands that saved my life in high school. There’s a real magical mystery to this song.

Every good guitar player that I’ve ever been at a party with knows how to play this song, but every one of them plays it differently, everyone had their own interpretation. Only Jimmy [Page] truly knows I guess.

Wilson didn’t forget to praise Jimmy Page once again when she stated that even though everyone can play this song, Page is the only one who truly knows how to play it.

You can listen to the song below.