American metal band Trivium was released their debut album “Ember to Inferno” in 2003. The band will drop Ember To Inferno Deluxe Edition on December 02.

Now, Trivium release new song “The Strorm”, which taken from upcoming deluxe edition package of Ember to Inferno. 

Ember to Inferno Deluxe Edition, including CD and double LP, plus the new Ab Initio Deluxe Edition – with 13 bonus tracks on 2 CDs and 5 LPs.

This song lyrically is inspired by the Norwegian Oskoreia, which is a European folk legend that is known to have inspired Black Metal’s very creation.

Here is the band’s note about the “The Storm”:

“The Storm” is a piece that foreshadows where Trivium would eventually go with its more progressive pieces like much off the Shogun album; it’s a blend of instrumental technicality, melody, and brutality.