Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser shared his opinion about the metal music genre during a recent appearance on Audio Ink Radio.

In the conversation, Andreas stated that heavy metal is the most famous music style in the world. Then, the musician explained why he made such a bold statement by talking about their fans and followers.

As Andreas said, the heavy metal music genre has the most faithful fans in the universe who always buy the band’s official merchandise and purchase their albums to support their musical efforts. While talking about Sepultura’s fans buying ‘Sepultura beers’ in Brazil, the veteran guitarist also pointed out other bands’ faithful fanbase, such as Iron Maide, KISS, and Led Zeppelin’s.

Furthermore, the Sepultura guitarist pointed out that he has been hosting a radio show with his son, Yohan, for over nine years and said that it has been growing since the day they started, which also shows the power of heavy metal.

According to Kisser, heavy metal’s fan base increased after the Big Four, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth, decided to come back even stronger and dropped new records. Therefore, he believes that the metal community is going through an exceptional and joyous time.

Andreas Kisser shared his opinion about heavy metal music:

Heavy metal is the most popular style of music in the world by far, with the most faithful fans, the type of fans that don’t buy bootleg, they want to have the official stuff, the official shirt, the album, the lyrics, and everything.

You see Maiden fans and KISS fans, and Led Zeppelin, and even Sepultura fans. We put out a lot of products that people just collect like the Sepultura beer we have in Brazil and stuff. People that don’t drink, they still go there and buy just to collect an item of Sepultura, which is great.

That keeps the style alive and strong because the money goes straight to the band and management, and the record label, and not people that are just taking advantage of some popular style or band, which is great.”

He continued:

“It’s very strong. I have a radio show here in Sao Paulo together with my son – my son is 24 years old, his name is Yohan, he’s also a musician, an amazing musician – and we’ve had this radio show for nine years now.

And it’s growing every year because metal is very strong. A lot of bands, I put like 70-80% only Brazilian bands, it’s very hard for them to play their music in the mainstream radio and stuff like that.

I think it’s one of the best momentums, especially after the Big Four came back – Metallica putting new albums, Anthrax and Megadeth and Slayer. The farewell from Slayer was huge – that shows the power of thrash and speed and whatever metal you want to call it.

So, it’s great… Metal was always there, changing in the late ’90s to 2000s to nu-metal and that rap stuff, but always metal, and Metallica going different ways and stuff, but I think we are going through a very special and positive time.”

You can check out the interview below.