Trivium frontman Matt Heafy spoke in an interview with Consequence of Sound, and talked about his thoughts on Grammy Awards.

He said that ‘metal is definitely far more underground than pop or rock or country or hip-hop’. Here’s the statement:

“I know metal and rock aren’t televised, but I still think it’s a really cool thing. I’m excited about being there to represent metal because it’s something that is so important to me.

I understand that metal is more of an underground – and it’s definitely far more underground than pop or rock or country or hip-hop – so I’m glad that I can go. It’s always about representing what I love and do, and it’s always about championing young and new and great bands.”

He also talked about the moment he found out that Trivium was nominated and said:

“I couldn’t believe it at first. I was definitely surprised. But my excitement also came from seeing that it was a song like ‘Betrayer,’ which is such an extreme song filled with blast beats.

It’s a song that I consider one of my favorites on the record because there are so many parts to it. We decided to go nuts on it. I think having that song be nominated shows that it’s more of an acknowledgment of Trivium’s career than just that song and this latest record.”

Trivium nominated for Best Metal Performance Grammy Award with the “Betrayer”. You can listen to the song below.

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