Trapeze vocalist Glenn Hughes recalled the time when he played with Deep Purple back in the ‘80s during a recent appearance on In The Basement With Jesse Bruce.

Glenn joined Deep Purple as a bass guitarist and vocalist back in 1973, and he recorded a total of three albums, Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste The Band. However, the band disbanded in 1976.

Glenn talked about the time when he first joined Deep Purple and said that they had lots of fun before entering the studio. Also, the iconic guitarist Ritchie Blackmore had a great attitude during this period.

However, whenever they started to play in the studio, Glenn didn’t spend lots of time with Blackmore because he isolated himself from the band. He had his own dressing room, traveled alone in between the shows, and more.

Even though Glenn mentioned in the conversation that they had such a blast on the stage together, he pointed out that Blackmore actually was a tough person to work with off the stage. And probably this is the reason why he wanted to be alone between the shows.

Glenn Hughes on his Deep Purple experience:

“When I joined the band, the first weekend I joined the band, we flew to Hamburg together and had a boys weekend, we sat on a barstool and had a lot of fun.

Ritchie, behind the scenes, when I joined the band, was great. And I’m saying this smiling, but when we started working – when the band started kicking into gear, I didn’t spend a lot of time with him ’cause he had his own dressing room…

He traveled alone, he was isolated, he was a little difficult. I’m smiling and chuckling. I love Ritchie…

He’s difficult. People are difficult to work with. The band on stage was firing on all cylinders. But off stage, it was a little strange, as we traveled separately.”

After Deep Purple released ‘Come Taste The Band,’ Ritchie Blackmore was so loud that he didn’t like the album at all and announced his departure from the band later on, which caused the band disbanded in the next period.