The late icon Michael Jackson‘s rare photo with a face mask posted by a fan on Twitter and proved he had foreseen the coronavirus pandemic many years ago.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson tragically passed away from a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009, after a life full of musical success and personal dramas. Millions of people mourned in the streets and on the internet after the devastating death of a legend.

Recently a fan named Joseph Kahn shared a photo of Michael Jackson wearing a black sateen mask while waving at his fans. In his tweet, Kahn pointed out the fact that Jackson was wearing masks while there was no risk of getting infected by a deadly virus.

Here’s what the fan stated in his tweet:

He always did it first.

Additionally, as the fan claimed, Michael Jackson was known for his ability to foresee the future in certain subjects. For instance, previously, the official Instagram account of Michael Jackson shared a little-known quote about politics which might be associated with today’s politicians quite easily.

Here’s what the quote said:

“Politics can’t save the world, so the music people should at least try.”

You can see the photo of Michael Jackson posted on Twitter below.