The son of famous pop star Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson, has shared his reaction for the new song that his sister Paris Jackson released by sharing new posts on his Instagram Stories.

As you might already know, Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn’s band, The Soundflowers, has released a new EP today with the same name as the band, which is an 18 minutes-long project that features 5 songs.

After seeing that the EP was released, Prince listened to the songs as soon as possible and shared his reaction. Prince wrote that he is so proud of his sister and showed how exciting to listen to Paris’ voice.

Later on, Price uploaded a video and revealed his favorite song from the EP by sharing a part of the song. He stated that ‘Geronimo’ song is the best song in the whole album and proved it with his weird face gestures.

Here is what Prince said after sharing the screen:

“Super proud of you. Let’s go!”

Here is what Prince Jackson captioned after leaving a tease of Geronimo song:

“Favorite song on the whole EP.”

You can check out the posts below.

Photo Credit: Prince Jackson – Instagram