An Instagram fan account dedicated to Queen’s unforgettable frontman, Freddie Mercury, recently posted a photo of Freddie as a tribute to the day that he announced he was diagnosed with AIDS. In the caption, they included Peter Freestone’s, Freddie’s assistant, description of that day and revealed how it all went down.

Freddie Mercury is a legendary rockstar who will never seize to impress his listeners no matter how many years pass by. He contributed immensely to the rock culture and history. He altered the conventions of a rock frontman with his flamboyant style while he astonished listeners with his four-octave vocal range.

However, he also broke the heart of millions of fans when he passed away in 1991, at the age of 45 due to AIDS. Freddie Mercury was diagnosed in 1987 but he kept it a secret until one day before his death.

Freddie believed that announcing his diagnosis would be a good idea as it would help raise awareness and demonstrate how severe the illness is. He argued that it wouldn’t be the same with just dying because of it as he still had a voice when he was alive and he wanted to use it to inform and help people.

As mentioned in the caption written by his dedicated fan club, Freddie delayed this statement because he was trying to protect his family and friends. However, it seems like he wouldn’t have a peaceful death if he didn’t announce it before he passed away.

Peter Freestone, his personal assistant, describes that day by saying that it started with Jim Beach, the band’s manager and lawyer, having a five-hour-long meeting with Freddie Mercury who wanted to release a statement about his AIDS status.

The people who knew had kept Freddie’s secret for 4 years and were surprised that now it was going to become public. Nonetheless, after listening to Freddie and his reasoning they all agreed that he’s right.

Freddie wanted to make it public because he believed that it would benefit the people who were suffering and inform the people so that they would be more careful. He was an exemplary rockstar and his heart was always in the right place. His fans do not only miss him for his voice, but for his kindness too.

Here’s what was written in the caption:

“On November 23rd, exactly 29 years ago today, Freddie announced to the whole world that he had Aids… For one last time Freddie showed us just how brave and unbelievably strong he was… He delayed the statement to protect his family and loved ones as much as possible but he did it because he felt that it was time to do so and I will always respect him for that.”

Here’s what Peter Freestone said about that day:

“Jim Beach arrived at about ten o’clock in the morning and went straight up to Freddie’s bedroom. At about three-thirty, after a long meeting of five-and-half hours, which shows that Freddie was still entirely capable of rational thought, Jim beach came downstairs and informed us of the basic content of the previous hours’ discussions. Freddie and he had decided that it was time to release a statement with regards to Freddie’s Aids status.

After all the years of having to keep this huge secret to ourselves, it was now going to be broadcast to the world. After discussion, we accepted the reasons behind it. A lot of good could come out of Freddie admitting to having the disease while still alive. His circumstances and celebrity could be used as a basis for the benefit of other sufferers and those affected by the disease. It would show that anyone was at risk.

-Peter Freestone.”

You can check out the photo that Freddie Mercury’s fan page posted on their Instagram account below.