In recent days on Twitter, a new Van Halen tribute band called ‘Nerd Halen’ went viral and fans were really excited about their sound and appearance. The band was formed in early 2019 by guitarist Caleb Rapoport.

We made a mini-interview with Caleb to find out what was the main inspiration source of the band and what they are expecting from the future. They also mentioned about their goals.

Guitarist Caleb has revealed the story of where the idea of ‘Nerd Halen’ came from and said:

“I wanted to do a VH tribute but there was no way I could pass for Ed Van Halen. I’m 6’4″. And a bit of a dork. I knew I had to come up with something different. I have experience in comedic theater and wanted to add laughs to the show.”

But always playing the music as close to the original sound as possible. If we could give an authentic replication of the music and add jokes and fun, I knew we’d have just the kind of show I wanted. Different. No old guys in wigs and tights trying to be 28-year-olds. Plus the overhead for all the stage gear was not my thing.”

He continued:

“I was able to get Actor/Comedian/Host Hal Sparks on board. He has created something really funny onstage and it’s resonating. People want to laugh. And they want to rock.

Pro session/touring bassist Victor Broden provides a very solid bottom end and his high harmonies are very Michael Anthony like.

Drummer Jeff Page is a Van Halen specialist. He’s a veteran of several LA-based VH tributes. I knew we needed a drummer that was Van Halen specific. Plus I did want to have to tell him how and where to play like Alex. He knows it all already.”

I asked him:

“Did you have any contact with real Van Halen? Did they see Nerd Halen on social media or in real?”

Caleb responded:

“The Van Halen camp is very aware of the project and I’ve heard that they think the concept is original and fun.

We plan to keep playing clubs and add private parties and corporate events. As well as set up a steady residency in nearby Las Vegas.”

You can reach their social media accounts and official website here: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, official website.

See their live performance videos from Youtube below.