One of the fan pages of Queen’s legendary late frontman Freddie Mercury, ‘Mercury My Love,’ revealed the first time Freddie shaved his mustache and explained the reason of it.

As you might already know, Freddie Mercury re-recorded ‘The Great Pretender’ song in 1987, and he also made a music video for this song. In the same year, he spoke in the interview with Rudi Dolezal and stated that this song is representing his career.

However, there was a surprise for the audience in this clip. Freddie shaved his mustache for the first time, and he was still looking like a ‘Queen.’ In the pictures, you can see that Freddie is pretty calm, even though making a massive decision about his appearance.

Here is what admin of the page wrote:

“Freddie shaves his iconic mustache for ‘The Great Pretender’ music video in 1987.”

A fan named Ash Morgan said:

“So bizarre seeing him with a mustache anytime past 1986 🤯”

Another fan named Eleanor added this comment:

“He was more handsome with the thick mustache.”

You can check out the post and watch the music video below.