Ghost frontman Tobias Forge recently appeared on live video Q&A via Facebook with iHeartRadio podcast. But this time, Tobias came as himself with just a fake mustache and sunglass. Watch it from below.

On his guitar skills, he said:

“That would probably be the instrument that I excel at a little. But I’m not a kickass guitar player. I’m really good at writing songs, I can write for an ensemble, I can write a rock song, but I’m not like a kickass guitar player…

As a singer, I can do Ghost very well, but I can’t sing anything, I can’t get into a, you know, a Dio cover band.

On how he  grew up with difficulties, he said:

“I grew up in an environment where I ended up on both sides. As a music fan, I’m sort of the kind of person that ends up on the outside. At certain years at school, I was an outsider, and then I came to that little gang, and then I shifted schools, then I was a complete outsider.

So I’ve been on both ends, I’ve definitely seen how kids can be extremely cruel, and I’ve definitely been ‘not so nice’ as well.”

Click here to entire interview via Ultimate-guitar. Watch the interview below.

iHeartRadio Live Q+A with Tobias Forge of Ghost

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Gepostet von iHeartRadio am Montag, 3. Dezember 2018