According to report of Loudwire, Los Angeles based AC/DC tribute band GayC/DC was formed in 2000. Instead of dressing in a schoolboy uniform like Angus Young, guitarist Karl Rumpf wears a schoolgirl outfit. The drummer goes by the name Phellatio Rudd (Phil Rudd was AC/DC’s longtime drummer) and there’s no end to the gay-oriented puns in the band’s (arse)nal.

They managed to take some AC/DC classics, and make ’em a little more gay-friendly. Whole Lotta Rosie becomes Whole Lotta Jose.

Let There Be Rock becomes Let There Be Cock.

Problem Child is now Bottom Child.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap becomes Dirty Dudes Done Dirty Cheap

And Big Balls remains Big Balls.

Drummer of the band stated that why they formed that kind of band:

“I grew up listening to AC/DC, they’re part of my DNA. But that whole ‘boy/girl/boy bangs girl’ thing wasn’t something I could relate to. I wanted the songs to speak to me and that’s a big reason we started this band.

Now, those iconic songs can speak to others who felt the way I did. And who can resist taking it to the most fabulous extreme! We love AC/DC. That’s why we do the music spot on, but have a bit of cheeky fun changing the lyrics around.”