One of the finest Queen / Freddie Mercury fan pages on the whole social media, ‘WorldofQueen39,’ has shared a really little-known part of a lost article on their Instagram account and unveiled the untold details about Freddie Mercury’s AIDS diagnosis.

According to that lost article, late Queen legend has devastated after learning the diagnosis. After his death, the member who gave the worst reaction was the band’s iconic guitarist Brian May.

As you may check out the article below, Brian was thinking of committing suicide after Freddie’s passing away and broke down in tears all of a sudden.

Here is what’s written on the paper:

“On April 25, 1987, Freddie Mercury was out in a depressed stage due to a diagnosis of the new disease. By 1990, Freddie had lost roughly 50 pounds and was heavily frail. By 1991, Freddie was so frail, he couldn’t even walk without feeling sharp pain. Freddie Mercury’s final recording session was on June 31, 1991. They recorded a song named Mother Love.

One night in August 1991, Freddie showed Brian May his foot was nearly gone. By September 1991, Freddie couldn’t even get out of bed. He had to get Jim to carry him and to assist him with daily tasks.

On November 24, 1991, Roger Taylor was making his way to visit Freddie since he knew he wouldn’t get to see Christmas (according to his doctor). While he was driving, he got a call from Peter Freestone, Freddie’s assistant manager. It was too late. Roger had to pull over on the road and then broke down in tears.

Brian received a call and also broke down in tears. Brian got to the point of nearly attempting suicide. This really got to the John Deacon throughout the years and the band members bringing it up drove him to retire in October 1997.”

You can check out the Instagram post below.