Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan was recently interviewed by Spotify’s ‘Rock This With Allison Hagendorf’ this week and recalled the first-ever day he met with his future bandmate and GN’R guitarist Slash in Los Angeles.

As you might already remember, Duff McKagan, unearthed a never-listened-before track from his little-known punk band ‘The Living’ named ‘Live By The Gun‘ last week by releasing a mini-album from 39 years old, ‘The Living: 1982.’

After sharing the unlistened goodie from the ’80s, Duff was interviewed by Spotify alongside Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam this week and Duff recalled the first-ever day he met Slash. While stating that Slash’s earlier influences were Fear, Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper, he also admitted that meeting with him was kind of like a culture shock for him.

Here is what Duff McKagan said:

“It’s a restaurant. I had never been to Canter’s. It’s a restaurant. I had never been to Canter’s. Marc Canter was Slash’s boyhood friend. These guys grew up with each other in L.A. It was so foreign to me. I had come down and played punk rock gigs but I didn’t know anybody in Hollywood, and here I was. I walked in. His name was Slash in the ad. We talked on the payphone, and I thought he’d be some, like, punker guy like me. ‘Cause it was ’84.

By ’84, and Green River is a good testament to this, by ’84, people were looking, like, ‘Whatever’s gonna be next is gonna be on our shoulders. Punk’s done.’ The hardcore had come in and kind of ruined a lot of punk scenes.

It was these suburban jock guys who shaved their heads and started beating up people and doing ‘sieg heils.’ It was, like, ‘This is not punk, guys.’ So whatever was next, it was gonna be up to.”

He continued:

“So this guy’s name was Slash. The influences he liked were Fear, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper… I’m, like, okay, but this guy’s going kind of where I’m going. I had blue hair, short blue hair. I walked into Canter’s. And they told me what booth they were gonna be at.

So I found the booth, and it’s these two long-haired guys, and I’m, like, ‘Woah.’ It was kind of a culture shock, and I think I was a little bit of a culture shock to them. But we sat down and started talking, and we talked about music. And that’s the thing that – it’s a universal thing.

We went back to Slash’s house, his mom’s basement, and he started playing acoustic guitar. I had played with these guys. Stone mentioned Paul Solger – he was the guitar player. He could play leads and he was smooth and slick, and I thought he was the best guy on the West Coast. And I got in this basement with Slash, and I’m, like, ‘Oh, Wow.'”

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