Metallica’s latest album “Hardwired … To Self-Destruct” released in November 18, 2017.” Spit Out The Bone” is the closing song and the fastest song on the album.

How would it have been if Metallica’s Spit Out The Bone had recorded by Slayer? Here is the answer to this question from the following video, that including Slayer’s classic guitar tone and Tom Araya’s scream.

Youtuber “creblestar” shared the video and said:

Another Metallica cover but this time, it’s been fully SLAYERED! AND WITH VOCALS!! 😛 Anyway i just did this for fun so don’t take these covers too seriously!

Guitars, Bass and Vocals are all performed by me Drums are programmed

PS : Can u guess all the Slayer easter eggs? 😛

Check the video from below. Amazing.