A fan account dedicated to Queen’s iconic vocalist, Freddie Mercury, shared an Instagram post, revealing what Freddie Mercury thought about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and how he looked up to him.

The fan account on Instagram named freddie_mrcry, shared a photo of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury together and wrote what Freddie Mercury said about Michael on his little-known interview

This is what Freddie Mercury thought when he first met Jackson:

“Michael came to watch our shows at the forum in La. I guess he liked us, so I got to meet him and we started talking.

When I’m talking to him, I think, my God, he’s 25 and I’m 37. Yet he’s been in the music industry longer than I have, because he started so young.”

He was frightened by his success and experience:

“So for me it’s kind of frightening, cause usually when artists are that age they just started and then I can teach them a few tricks, but that’s not the case with Michael.

I think one of our tracks would’ve been on the Thriller album if I finished it, but I missed out”.⁣⁣

The fan account also added their own thoughts on the subject:

“It’s obvious that Freddie kind of looked up to Michael in some way and that’s always so interesting to me,

cause usually everyone looks up to Freddie and it’s so interesting to see that he also admired other artists, just like we do with him.”

The followers of the account loved the photo as well as Freddie’s view of Michael.

Louie said:

“The best two voices from the 80s”

Jochem said:

“2 legend on 1 picture”

Ariana said:

“I love this post😭 my 2 favorite!!”

A follower named myold.soul said:

“Can you imagine a collab 🤯”

You can see the picture below and click here to see the original Instagram post.

Photo Credit: freddie_mrcry – Instagram