Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne paid his tribute to the late guitarist Randy Rhoads once again by writing the introduction part of the new book about Rhoads.

As you might remember, Randy Rhoads was one of the few guitarists who had a huge impact on the scene who is known for his time with Black Sabbath. However, he passed away due to a plane crash back in 1982.

The legendary photographer Ross Halfin is going to release a new book in the name of Randy Rhoads, and it will feature the most beautiful pictures of the guitarist inside and outside of the stage.

Furthermore, Ozzy Osbourne wrote the introduction part of this book, and he said that it feels like he knows Rhoads for his whole life. Also, Ozzy mentioned that he owes him so much because he wouldn’t be here without him.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“It’s weird. I only knew Randy Rhoads for a couple of years, but it felt my longer. I felt like I knew him for my whole life.

I still think about him a lot and I wonder what he would be doing now. I owe him a huge amount – he was the beginning of me. He wasn’t just my guitarist; he was my friend.”

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