Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder took her official Instagram account to share a new post and announced that the Vedder family is fully vaccinated.

In the caption, Jill mentioned that there was no question in the family if they want to get vaccinated or not because they all want to be with their families and friends once again after a year of quarantine.

Furthermore, Jill pointed out that she is vaccinated with Eddie earlier this year but they couldn’t announce it due to the place they got their shots and said that their youngest member Olivia Vedder just got her vaccine.

While saying that they are so happy to get vaccinated, Jill also thanked to the healthcare workers who worked hard during these tough times. Also, she stated that they feel extremely fortunate to get vaccinated.

Here is what Jill Vedder said:

“There was no question in our family whether or not to get our vaccinations. We vax because we want to be with our friends and family again. We vax because we miss concerts and movie theaters. We vax because we believe in science. Thank you to the scientists and researchers who have worked for decades on vaccination for the coronavirus.

Thank you to the front-line workers who have had our backs and worked tirelessly to get us through the most painful last 14 months many of us have ever or will ever experience.

We feel extremely fortunate to have had access to this vaccine and now we need to work to ensure the rest of the world has the same access we did. The world needs to hug each other again.”

She continued:

“Eddie and I were vaccinated earlier in the year but we were not allowed to take photos in the location we received them or we would have posted them proudly. Today our youngest was eligible to get her vaccine.

And Olivia got hers pretty much the day they said 16 year olds could. I have never seen my children more excited to get a shot.

No, they don’t look thrilled in the photo cause it’s still a shot but both walked in, heads held high and said ‘give it to me, I want my life back.’ I hear you girls… I do too.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Jill Vedder – Instagram