Charles Runnells of Fort Myers News-Press wrote a recent article about the new Ronnie James Dio hologram concert in Arts Hall in Fort Myers, Florida.

Charles basically thinks that the hologram had lots of syncing problems and his movement was not flexible enough.

Here is what Charles wrote about the concert:

“It’s not that the hologram was completely bad. Dio did look kind of cool in his black leather pants and white cross shirt as he struck dramatic poses, threw his famous “devil horns” hand gesture, bounced to the beat (sort of) and thrust out his microphone for audience sing-alongs.

But here’s the thing: Hologram Dio never really felt real. His mouth didn’t quite sync with Dio’s recorded, awe-inspiring vocals (lifted from various live Dio concerts). His movements looked too herky-jerky, manic and nonstop to feel lifelike. And the whole thing lacked that hard-to-nail-down but immediately recognizable spark of life.

It didn’t help that the hologram was set all the way to the back of the stage, behind the band, making the always short Dio appear even shorter and almost elf-like (hey, he did play in a band called Elf).”

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