Former Van Halen bass guitarist Wolfgang Van Halen spoke in a recent interview with People Magazine and talked about his mother Valerie Bertinelli’s support for his career.

As you might already know, Valerie and Eddie Van Halen were married for 25 years, and Wolfgang is the fruit of their love. However, the couple divorced in 2005 after a long time of separation.

By late 2020, Wolfgang had been teasing about his solo album on social media. After the death of his father in October, Wolfgang announced that he will be releasing his debut solo album with his band named ‘Mammoth WVH.’

Before the day of releasing the album, Wolfgang showed his gratitude to his mother Valerie for supporting him during this tough period and revealed that their relationship got strong after the death of Eddie.

Here is what Wolfgang said about his mom earlier:

“My girlfriend and I pretty much go over to my mom’s house every day to see her and play with her cats that we love. One time, she burnt onion rings. And it’s like, she has a cooking show, so I just made fun of her for it. I asked her if I could post it. We get in GIF battles all the time on Twitter. Sarcasm is a language, And that’s how we communicate!”

After a short period, Valerie read this interview online and wanted to share her reaction via her official Twitter account. As she shared a couple of emojis, we can say that she is so proud of his son and got so emotional about his kind words.

You can check out the post below.