During a recent interview with Guitar Villians, DragonForce guitarist Herman Li talked about the first time he listened to Jason Becker and revealed his thoughts about playing guitar fast.

In the conversation, Herman Li stated that he found out about Jason Becker when he just started to take guitar lessons and showed it to his teacher. Even though his teacher didn’t like it at all, Herman found Jason’s guitar playing really interesting.

Furthermore, Herman mentioned that he really likes to play guitar fast because it feels so exciting and fun to him. Also, he pointed out that he is trying to do crazy stuff with the guitar to entertain people on the stage.

While showing the real reason why he likes to play fast, the shred god also admitted that it is impossible to listen to the same music for years and unveiled that he listens to all kinds of music.

Here’s what Herman Li stated about Jason Becker:

“This is the same thing I’ve heard for years and years and years. Once upon a time, when I first started playing the guitar and I discovered Jason Becker – this is back in ’92 or ’93…

I went to my music teacher and I said, ‘Listen to this guy.’ I played him ‘Altitudes’ from ‘Perpetual Burn.’

And my music teacher listened to it and said, ‘This is terrible. This guy can’t play. There’s no music there. It’s just masturbation. It’s terrible. You shouldn’t listen to this kind of stuff.’

 Some people just don’t have the ear for a certain type of thing, but that’s why there’s music for everybody.”

Here is what Herman added about playing fast:

“It’s fun for me – and that’s it. Some people like it, some people don’t like it. And me, myself, I listen to all kinds of music, so it’s all OK with me.

But I don’t think you have to have listened to music for years to like that kind of music… When I play on stage, I do have this different kind of persona, and people think I’m really up my ass – I think I’m so badass.

But it’s like – I’m sorry. I’m playing a show, I’m trying to provide some entertainment. You prefer me just staring at my feet and just not doing anything, or you want me to do crazy stuff and have fun with the guitar.”

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