HIM’s Ville Valo revealed why he spent over two years creating his solo album ‘Neon Noir’ while talking to Spotify about the new single ‘Loveletting.’

In his previous conversations when HIM disbanded, Ville Valo stated that the band didn’t have the same united harmony anymore, which was one reason they split up. Valo decided to continue his solo music career afterward.

Ville Valo’s first single from the album ‘Loveletting‘ was released on April 8, 2022. He also mentioned that ‘Neon Noir’ will come out in early 2023. The tour dates for the upcoming album were announced as starting from January 13 to May 8, 2023.

In a recent conversation with Spotify, Valo explained that it took more than two years to complete ‘Neon Noir’ because he learned all instruments like drum, bass, and guitar when the pandemic occurred. Valo added that because he could not get anyone, the work that took two and a half years entirely belonged to him.

Ville Valo explained the reason his album took too much time:

“Since the pandemic hit, I started working on the album. I actually learned how to record. I learned how to record drums and bass and guitar because I wasn’t able to get any musicians; I had to do it solo, literally solo. So I’m really sorry, but it did take me two and a half years to get the album done.”

You can watch the whole video and listen to ‘Loveletting’ below.