The legendary rockstar and current fronting member of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page and made a great movie list for the fans who are getting bored at their home due to self-quarantine.

As you might already remember, Alice has made yet another list last week and revealed his favorite Netflix movies/series of all time. Today, he chose to share his favorite horror movies from the streaming platform named Hulu.

Here is what Alice wrote about the list he shared:

“Another week in isolation brings another round of my Quarantine Horror Binge. Part II: @Hulu#quarantinelife #quarantine #horror #bingewatching #binge”

And here is the favorite movies of Alice Cooper:

A Quiet Place
28 Days Later
Friday The 13th 6 – Jason Lives
The Descent
Get Out
The Purge
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Evil Dead
World War Z
Children Of The Corn
Night Of The Living Dead
The Omen Psycho

You can check out the recent post of Alice right below.