Hollywood Vampires frontman and also the member of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper, was recently interviewed by Telegraph’s Ian Winwood and talked about Johnny Depp’s ongoing lawsuit case with his wife as well as his latest album ‘Detroit Stories.’

As you may already remember, Alice Cooper released his twenty-eight studio album named ‘Detroit Stories‘ back in February by ear Music and it features 15 never-released-before songs which were co-written by Bob Ezrin, Wayne Kramer, and Tommy Henriksen. The album got mixed reviews from professional authorities despite it peaked to number five spot on Billboard’s US Top Rock Albums.

In his interview with Telegraph, Alice stated that back in ’60s, during a riot, every single musician who had long hair could walk into any black bar and that guy was not the enemy whether he was black or white. While he also stated that these days were the inspiration for him to title his last album.

Alice also talked about the law case of his bandmate from Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp, and stated that Johnny is the most harmless person he’s ever met and he’s not buying these stories.

Here is what Alice said:

“I know Johnny well enough to know that he’s one of the gentlest, most harmless people I’ve ever met in my life. I only know him from being in the band, but I’ve been to his house, I record there, and I’ve never met anybody as nice as Johnny when it comes to people… That’s my capacity as knowing Johnny as one of the classiest guys I’ve ever met.”

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