The famous musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie posted a picture of his Firefly Trilogy Steelbook‘ on Instagram and announced the release dates of his masterpiece.

Rob Zombie’s trilogy kicked off with ‘House of 1000 Corpses‘ in 2003 and followed by ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘ in 2005. Last year, the last film of the trilogy ‘3 from Hell‘ was released.

Recently on Instagram, Rob Zombie announced the release dates of ‘Firefly Trilogy Steelbook.’ As Rob stated in the caption of his post, this exclusive set will be available on September 8th only at Target. The price of Rob’s masterpiece was stated as $29.99.

On the caption of his Instagram post, Rob urged fans to go to Target and pre-order their copies since they would sell out immediately after the release.

Here’s what Rob Zombie stated on the caption of his post:

“The killer Firefly Trilogy Steelbook is on its way!!💀 Go to Target to pre-order your copy now! The release date is September 8th! Surely a collector’s item that will sell out ASAP!

Wicked new art front and back. House of 1000 Corpses! The Devil’s Rejects (unrated) and 3 From Hell (unrated) for only $29.99!!! 👍🏼

You can see the post which Rob Zombie shared on his official Instagram account below.