The co-founder and legendary lead guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young has talked about the great comeback of the band during the global pandemic and unveiled how they coped with the vocalist Brian Johnson‘s hearing problems to reunite.

During his recent conversation on Triple M, the rock veteran, Angus Young, has spoken about the band’s long-awaited album, ‘Power Up,’ which is considered as the best news of the year by many.

While mentioning that they’ve always pretty tight together as bandmates, Young touched upon the fact that AC/DC has returned to music in such a risky period, amid a global health and economic crisis.

He said that they were trying to get the album out earlier, before the pandemic. Though they’re releasing the new album in these problematic days, they’ll hopefully come up with a tour as life comes back to normal, Angus added.

He has also spoken about one of the most wondered issues about the band, which is the hearing problems of Brian Johnson, which led him to depart from the band in the middle of the ‘Rock or Bust’ tour.

Young said, with the help of technology, Brian Johnson finally rehearsed with them and joined the 2020 lineup of AC/DC. Back then, Johnson stated that his hearing issues hadn’t come from performing for 36 years with AC/DC, but from having forgotten to put earplugs in during a race that left him with a punctured left eardrum.

As you may remember, the band has most recently premiered the official music video of their first song, ‘Shot In The Dark,’ from the album. The music video, which was viewed by nearly two million fans on YouTube, has got pretty good reviews.

Here’s what Angus Young said about the possibility of a new tour:

“Yeah, well, I can say this, before the pandemic, we were trying to get the album out earlier, and then we’d even…

Brian Johnson was happy that with technology [for his hearing issues], we could be rehearsing, and then we’ve done a few weeks with that rehearsing and stuff, and we were just having a break for a little bit and then went back together.

And everyone was at home, the various spots, and it wasn’t long after that that this pandemic thing came about, so hopefully, as soon as we get the all-clear sing we can get out there and do some live stuff.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation here and see the official music video of ‘Shot In The Dark’ below.