In an interview with The Appetite for Distortion Podcast, former Guns N’ Roses roadie Joel Miller talked about how Axl Rose got furious and fired him for a simple mistake he did during the rehearsals.

As you may know, the iconic vocalist Axl Rose has been known for his anger management issues and unpredictable behaviors towards his bandmates. Over the course of many years, Axl had so many arguments with various people mostly because of the small things he was bothered.

Recently, the former Guns N’ Roses roadie Joel Miller joined a conversation with The Appetite for Distortion Podcast to promote his forthcoming novel named ‘Memoir of a Roadie: Axl said I made a great cup of tea… Scott Weiland liked The Carpenters… & Ozzy drinks rosé.’

During the interview, Miller talked about the time he was working as a roadie with Guns N’ Roses and he got fired by Axl Rose for an absurd reason. Apparently, when Axl called the studio one day, Joel picked up the phone but hanged up since he couldn’t hear him during the band’s rehearsal. Axl Rose got so furious about Miller’s behavior and fired him the next day.

Here’s how Joel Miller described his dispute with Axl Rose:

“Axl, he got mad at me and he fired me once, but then at the time, well, you know, everybody gets fired. He called the studio, and I’m one of the couple of people in the rehearsal studio, and I pick up the phone.

I can’t hear him because the band’s playing, and he’s trying to talk and I don’t know who it is – I never knew who it was. And finally, one of the other guys comes and goes, ‘Dude, just hang up the damn phone, man.’

So I hang up the phone, and then it was like, ‘That was Axl on the phone, you really pissed him off.‘ And I’m like, ‘Oh, dude, why did I pick up the phone?’

And then they’re like, ‘Yeah, he’s really pissed. He’ll fire you. Just don’t come to work tomorrow and he’ll forget all about it.’ And maybe I did get fired, maybe I didn’t, I don’t think I’ll ever find out because I’m very certain he does not remember.’

Axl fired me, and I still put his name in the title of my book.”

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