The legendary bass guitarist Billy Sheehan spoke in the recent interview with Music Mania and revealed the reason why he rejected the first offer he got from David Lee Roth.

As you might remember, David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985, and he decided to make his solo album to prove himself to the community. Also, he released two albums in a short period ‘Eat ‘Em and Smile’ in 1986 and ‘Skyscraper’ in 1988.

During the conversation, Billy explained why did he rejected David Lee Roth for his solo project at that time and said that he would never leave Talas unless Van Halen asks him to join.

Even though Billy played with David Lee Roth in the end, this was one of the first times that David faced the greatness of Van Halen in a sad way. Also, this proves how powerful Van Halen was in the past.

Here is what Billy Sheehan said:

“Well, Talas was my band, we had just gotten a lot of breaks, we got signed by Gold Mountain Records, and we’re opening up for Yngwie Malmsteen on his first tour, double kind of a headliner thing…

It was going great, and places were sold out, we were playing our asses off, and we were really pushing ourselves. So my hands were in amazing shape, I was on the top of my game, everything was cool.”

He continued:

“And then I got asked to join with Dave, and I said, ‘I’d never leave my band Talas unless Van Halen asks me to join.’ So when Dave asked me, I said, ‘Well, close enough, I’m going to go.’

So I went and did it. It already had gotten up to a point of a lot of national press and things breaking for me and doing well, touring across the country…

I was in pretty good shape, so when Dave called me to go and play with him, we were in a good state. I was in a good state of mind and a good state of playing, and ready to go. That band launched like a lightning bolt, and it was a beautiful time.”

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