Dave Lombardo, who is the drummer of Slayer, revealed how all the Slayer members almost passed away in a car crash during a recent appearance on The Jasta Show.

In the conversation, Dave talked about the times when Slayer was touring in the United States back in 1984 and driving from one place to another continuously with Chevrolet Camaro and U-Haul truck.

Dave stated that they were leading their way toward Winnipeg through Montana, and he was driving the Camaro as Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Jeff Hanneman were inside the car.

However, the journey didn’t go well as expected and the car started spinning after he hit the black ice on the road. Fortunately, there was no serious injury even though they were so close to death.

Here is what Dave Lombardo said:

“There was a period where Slayer was driving across the country in a Camaro and a U-Haul truck. There’s some kind of famous pictures of Slayer and Mercyful Fate together.

We had met up in Seattle after a show in Olympia, Washington, at one of their in-stores. We went in there and just like, ‘Let’s go crash their in-store.’

So after that, we started heading east ’cause we needed to go up to Winnipeg. And we were driving across Montana – I was driving the Camaro, I believe I had the band – I think Kerry, Tom, and Jeff were.”

He continued:

“Kerry and Jeff in the backseat, Tom in the front, or vice versa – I don’t know – and we hit black ice while I was driving. I tried to take control of the car, but the car started spinning.

And luckily, we ended up just in a ditch. But, man, when I got out of that car, I was nervous, I was shaking – I was rattled. I thought we were gonna go off a cliff.

Cause it was night, it was dark, and you can’t see anything out there. And you lose control of the car and you start spinning – and you’re like, ‘OK. This is it. Alright, man. Take over.’”

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